RC is on Supermodels' Wish Lists

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HOUSTON, Oct. 9. 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Fall is a season full of fashion sense, since lots of fashion shows are held in this period. Many international fashion brands have displayed their new collections on the runaway of fashion shows in the last few days, as has RELLECIGA bikini.

As a leading bikini brand in North America, RELLECIGA went to Imperia-m Fashion Show in Slovakia, Europe, for the first time, bringing with it the latest collections of its bikinis. To our surprise, RELLECIGA won great praise by fashionistas and supermodels on its very first show in Europe. As is known to everyone, the fashion industry is always hypercritical to designs, so how did RELLECIGA earn their approval?

RC is on Supermodels' Wish Lists

RC: The Choice for Swimwear

This saying was widely spread in the fashion field recently. Backstage at various fashion shows, one could hear models praising RC (short for RELLECIGA) for swimwear, especially bikinis. "For swimwear I agree, RELLECIGA," said one model backstage at the Imperia-m Fashion Show.

We all know that lingerie and swimwear are clothes that are next to the skin. Women are extremely cautious when choosing these kinds of clothes; because their skin is delicate and sensitive, these clothes should be comfortable as well as non-irritating. That's why the linings of RC bikinis are made of natural fiber, ensuring comfort without irritation. Moreover, RC uses Italian Lycra fabric for its swimwear, which offers high flexibility and elasticity.

RC is on Supermodels' Wish Lists

Besides the high-grade materials, RC bikinis' stylish designs are also well planned. With the RIDI (RELLECIGA Industry Design Institute) in Paris, RC is able to devote itself to design. Paris is a fashion capital known to everyone; designers who live here are influenced deeply by the fashion atmosphere. In addition, RC's designers are sensitive to the details in daily life, providing the inspiration needed for concepts like the multi-wear RIKINI or the water-draining scrunch bottom bikini. Models who exhibited RELLECIGA bikini sets on the runway showed how well these RC bikinis can flatter the perfect bodies of women around the world.

RC is on Supermodels' Wish Lists

Between the quality fabric and chic designs, RC has become the initial choice of bikinis for fashion models. The positive feedback of the Imperia-m Fashion Show is a signal of RC's sweeping the European continent in the near future. It's the best moment to join and rock the world together with RC! 

For more information on RELLECIGA, please browse its official website: www.relleciga.com, or follow RC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. 
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