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HOUSTON, Oct. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The modern bikini was first introduced in 1946 by French designer Louis Reard as "the world's smallest bathing suit", and it quickly became a legend, with women confidently adopting the suits to show off their bodies.

As time has gone on, what author William Safire named the "-kini family" has expanded. Now RELLECIGA ("RC" for short) is going to make it larger – its RIKINI will be unveiled in the near future!


What is the RIKINI?

As a brand new category of the bikini family, RIKINI refers to the bikini that can be worn in multiple ways.

RELLECIGA has set up a RIDI (RELLECIGA Industry Design Institute) in Paris, France. Designers there devote themselves to researching and developing bikinis that meet women's needs. They acknowledge customer's feedback on the Internet that many women are afraid of clashing outfits. In order to save ladies from such embarrassment, RC's genius designers finally created the RIKINI after numerous rounds of testing.

In other words, RIKINI is the fruit of all the RIDI staff, because it took them one-and-a-half years to develop this future landmark of the swimwear industry.


Before the RIKINI

RELLECIGA takes its work seriously, so RIDI selected 300 ladies from North America and Europe whose ages were between 25 and 35 and divided them into four groups. These ladies were subdivided into several groups according to bust size to make sure that the testing was reliable.

From the data, statisticians concluded that these ladies were always facing the dilemma of choosing between bandeau top and triangle top bikinis. After designers got this data report, they agreed to create an unusual bikini to solve this problem.


Difficulties in Craft and Production

RELLECIGA's staff set a high standard of production for the RIKINI: it should be good looking, of course; and should be easy to wear. Most importantly, it should display the fashion sense of the wearer.

To achieve all these requirements, designers started with the top. To ensure that RIKINI can be a convertible bandeau and triangle top, there was no room for mistake. Also, the range of adjustment at the center front must vary from an A cup to a DDD cup. In order to gather the most accurate data, RIDI staff asked over 800 ladies with various figures to try on the samples.

Including the changeable top, RC also paid close attention to the fabric. Bikinis are special; like lingerie, they're worn close to the skin, but they're also worn outdoors, exposed to sun and seawater. Therefore, the bikini should be comfortable and durable. To achieve these two requirements, RC uses natural fibers to make the lining and Italian Lycra fabric for the swimwear fabric. What's more, all the fabrics RC uses are environmentally dyed, so that the RIKINI is without irritation and environmentally friendly.



RELLECIGA will officially offer six ways of wearing the RIKINI. However, if you think these are all that RIKINI can give you, you are definitely wrong. RC knows well that modern ladies are strong-minded and full of imagination. RIKINI offers a chance for these ladies to display their ideas and their own creative approaches of wearing it.

The bikini has already been popular in the past, and RELLECIGA wants to make it even bigger with its epoch-making RIKINI. At the end of 2013, let's blow away the world together with RIKINI! For the latest information about RELLECIGA and RIKINI, please get on and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Or you can just Google RELLECIGA on the Internet.




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